Sunday, 3 February 2008

Grand Weekend Out

This week is my turn to visit Hester. I ended up taking a later train because I was delivering to Swanston and Damhead despite having changed my duty this week. Because of engineering works on the line the journey is much more complicated. I had to get a train from my usual station to Edinburgh Waverley. From there it was a coach to Lockerbie, about sixty miles south. Finally another train to Wolverhampton, and a meeting with my beloved. I took the above picture somewhere near the England /Scotland border. As you can see it is very "winter snow scene" up my way.

Today Hester and I did a bit of Sunday motoring. It was cold but dry and a bit windy. She took me to the above Inn first. As you can see from the name it is a bit squint. There is local theory that this is caused by subsidence. Hester and I are much more of the opinion that it was built this way. Make up your own mind.
This interior shot gives you another perspective. When I sent it to Robert he said the builders might have lost their spirit level, what ever that is.
The last call of our trip was to Bridgenorth station on the private Severn Valley Railway. Sadly they have been subject to major storm damage and they need a lot of money to re-instate the damage done to their tracks. We saw some smoke coming from the engine sheds but it turned out to be just a brazier. You can see Thomas the Tank engine in the foreground. I thought Hester was joking about there being a full sized one. Couldn't see any Fat Controller though!


hester said...

Now you know why I asked you to stay off the sherry in this particular hostelry. You have trouble walking at the best of times and i didn't fancy having to pick you up off the floor.

Marteen said...

As I recently said in "More Crooked", it was probably the right decision to give the sherry a miss, althogh I was a bit miffed. You can be such a bossy boots at times.

Mike said...

Hey how cool. I've been to the crooked house too. It's buried in my blog archives somewhere.

Anonymous said...