Monday, 31 March 2008

Time Flies

Can't believe it's a fortnight since I last wrote! Hester has been on holiday for 10 days so I am going to blame her for distracting me. She will probably have other ideas when she reads this.
We spent last week in Edinburgh. It seems to be our karma of late to commute between Hester's flat, my flat, and my late mother's flat. We have become modern day nomads!
Although our recent stay in mum's flat was productive in terms of sorting out her paperwork (a nightmare) and tidying up some of her effects, I was unable to do certain things. I had the phone line disconnected a while back so I couldn't surf the Internet. Disaster. I have fallen in love with my Broadband. Hester's Dial-Up (which I am using now) is soooo painfully slow but no connection at all is too much to bear. I am sure it is responsible for the rash I am currently suffering.
Sadly my leg is still far from recovered and I was unable to climb the stairs up to my own flat. Good old Hester came to the rescue though. She also went to the bank and payed all the outstanding bills for both flats so I now have no fears about the utilities bashing down either of the doors in order to disconnect gas or electricity supplies.
As you have probably guessed we are back at Hester's place in Darkest England now. I am signed off work for a further month so there is no hurry for me to return to Edinburgh. Hester is back at work so I am going to spend my time checking out the blogosphere and catching up with my own paperwork. But first I am going to watch Loose Women. Need to get my priorities right!


cheeky minx said...

There's no woman looser than you from what I gather. Ha ha

Toner said...

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Annette McCann said...

Hey Marteen!
Long time no hear! Glad to hear you are being looked after in the girl's dorm by Hester though! Say hello to her for me.
Everyone fine here in Fife.
Cheerio for now!

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