Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Living the Good Life 


As usual I have been very remiss about keeping up this blog. I promise to write much more frequently in future.

It's amazing to think that Hester and I have been living in Ayton Upthorpe for over 3 years now. The enclosed picture was taken from outside our Village Hall a few months ago. I have to give Hester the credit for the lenswork. I 've got myself one of those little digital camera things that are so popular now and will post some of my own shots in due course.

Hester has flourished in the countryside and is now a keen gardener. Thankfully she hasn't got any more begging letters since  the RBS bonus thing died down. She seems much more relaxed now. I wonder if Miss Amy Childs ever did get the bojangle, or whatever she called it, for her dear pussy. She seemed a lovely old girl.

I could witter on for hours (Hester will testify to that) but I intend to adopt a new policy of little and often when it comes to my musings.

Take care my dears.



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Annette said...

Come on Martyne! How about some Yuletide musings??? We miss you!
Rita x

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