Sunday, 5 August 2007

For Emma Watson Fans This is for you JanieBelle, and all other Emma Watson fans. How did the battle go with Kate?


JanieBelle said...

Oh she really is beautiful.

Thank you for that.

The battle with Kate is ongoing. Think of it as a many part epic struggle.


Martyne said...

I just stumbled across this one. I hope you girls settle this one amicably. Have to say she is prety foxy. Is Alicia Silverstone still all mine?

Martyne said...

Glad you enjoyed the link. I was quite impresssed with myself. I am more from the gas era, before this fangled new electric stuff came in. I was actually trying to find the original James Blunt video of "You're Beautiful" because I was so impressed by the pastiche done by Weird Al Yancovic. I just happened on this jem. Always rated this girl although I never found her sexy until the day she turned sixteen. Gosh, what a coincidence. Please confirm that Alicia is all mine. Have been watching some of my favourite Aerosmith videos and thanks to "Amazing" I am soiling panties faster than I can wash them.

somebody said...