Sunday, 25 November 2007

Virgin on the Ridiculous

Hester came to visit me this weekend. These liaisons of ours are becoming rather habit forming, but it was good to see her. She brought her puppies with her. They were a bit excitable, and rather a handful, but I love the little dears. We went to the seaside as Hester lives inland and doesn't see the ocean very often. The puppies didn't like the cold much, and wanted to remain in the warmth of the car.
Afterwards we went back to my place and watched a rather suspect video. Very naughty of us! It seemed quite old and therefore the picture was fairly grainy, but we managed to get the gist of the action. The sound, especially the music, was particularly iffy, but it was obvious what was going on and it brought back memories of halcyon days, for both Hester and myself.
Thanks to all the rail travel Hester and I have been doing in order to meet recently, that nice Mr Branson will be kept in woolly jumpers for a long time to come I suspect!