Monday, 17 December 2007


I love the above pic, and my mum would have done too. She was a great animal lover and left a bequest to the World Wide Fund for Nature in her will. I have always had a soft spot for equines and zebras are closely related. Its quite a cute image as well. I don't usually go for cute but affection is something I have been thinking about a lot lately. Affection for those like my late mother, and her cousin who passed away earlier this year, and my affection for Hester who has rapidly become a big part of my life. If I hadn't "come out" a few months ago the relationship we have would never have happened. I have always seen myself as an honest person but now I am finally being honest with myself about who I really am. I can accept now that I have "a foot in both camps". So, if George Clooney turned up at my door tomorrow I would be severely tempted. But don't tell Hester that!
Sed lady has got me into this txting thing. Like my speling wasnt bad enuf! Aparently al the kids r doing it these days. Its fun and very infectshus. Nxt thing u no she wil b byin a hoodie and a skatebored! (My spelling checker has just gone into meltdown!)
Done emotional, tick. Done mildly amusing, tick. All that's left is to have a go at the McCanns! What Marteen post would be complete without it. Did I mention that I believe every word everybody involved with this affair says? So little Maddy is going to be home for Christmas now. That's great. I hear Santa and the Tooth Fairy will be attending the lunch. Hope I get an invitation. Want to take along my favourite unicorn for her to ride. Told you I love horses. And I can do surreal too, but not as well as them!