Saturday, 8 December 2007


Been pigging out on nostalgia recently for reasons that will soon become obvious. I have now done just over 100 posts since I started, and I've been rereading some of them. Although I set out simply to have a platform from which to rant, having been denied that by the Radio Times letter page for years, I have covered a lot more ground than that. If I was ever fortunate enough to be nominated for an award it would be difficult to categorise this blog.
There is the ranting of course. The "McCann Circus" must have been in town even before I started this blog. It has provided the inspiration for many posts and I would certainly give them a mention in an acceptance speech. But other stories have provided the stimulus for a rant as well.
I try to do my best with humour. I guess some of it will work for some people and some will work for others. Hopefully I have entertained everyone to some extent, at some point.
And I have shared my life with you. The highs and lows. A fellow blogger once commented that I write from the heart, and she is right. I might (well actually I do) embroider things for comedic effect but if I tell you I am crying, and I'm not far off it now, then I am really crying. When I talk about Hester I hope I convey the joy I feel at meeting up with her after so many years. Circumstances were different when we first new each other but things have changed now. Although we live many miles apart we are closer than ever.
As well as passing my centenary of posts I am coming up to another milestone. Next Thursday this blog will be exactly 6 months old. Another cause for celebration. Unfortunately it will be completely overshadowed by another event. It is the day of my mothers funeral.
I am not going to write a big long eulogy. I am simply reporting the fact. She suffered a lot latterly and it means that I will have to balance my relief that her suffering is over with the fact that she is gone forever.
I hope you can now understand my mood. Until Thursday it will be mainly nostalgic but I think it will change after that.
I am glad I have finally got this post written. It has been the hardest one to compose, but this is such a significant time for me that I really wanted to share it with you, warts and all. I should be doing stuff in preparation for Hester's arrival but this felt like the right moment to write it all down.
Thank you


cheeky minx said...

Through reading your blog you have at times made me laugh hysterically, made me think and indeed moved me, your blog definately falls into many categories. Next Thursday will be both an achievement and a sadness my thoughts will be with you.

Old Knudsen said...

I'm sorry to hear that but she is at peace now and may she remain so. Strength to you and yers.

Laurie Kendrick said...

Life is nothing but a fluid array of ups and downs. Your life, like mine is like a carousel in that regard.

I have always had faith in you as a survivor. And in this, one of your darkest hours, I know you won';t fail me.

Nor I you.

I'm always n e-mail away if you need me.


Annette McCann said...

So difficult to know what to say at a time like this M, except to say that we are all thinking of you.

The readings at the funeral this morning said it all, and they were read so beautifully.

Speak soon.

Hester said...

My thoughts are always with you, but especially so at this time.
Always here to support you in everything!

Hester said...

Oh, it has worked. I did it, I managed to leave a comment. you are a marvellous teacher darling Marteen xx

ellie said...

I am so sorry to hear about the passing of you mother, may I offer my condolences. X

Martyne said...

Thanks for your kind words people. It is much appreciated. And welcome to you Ellie. Glad to have you on board, so to speak.

somebody said...