Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Brum, Brum

You can take this title two ways. Such is my wit. Due to restrictions being recently lifted I can now report that my beloved Hester lives in the Birmingham area. She still has an important person to tell about "us", which I hope she does soon, but we crossed a major family "hurdle" at the weekend, for which I am happy for her.
I don't call her beloved for nothing. She means so much to me.

I am currently listening to my CD called "No Angel" by Dildo. She has a lovely voice, even if her name is a bit strange. Am I missing something here?

The other meaning of the title refers to motor racing. Hester and I are both Formula 1 fans. We both love the racing although there are other reasons. Fit young men in their Nomex overalls provide an attraction to both of us.

Talking of fit young men, I have just had one visit my door. He was trying to sell me Virgin Media. Sounds great but I have been down that road before. I wanted to do Virgin Broadband earlier in the year. Tried to sign up but they wanted the first payment by Credit Card, which I don't have. So I thought, I'll get one from good old Virgin. They refused me for some reason. I guess my reputation goes before me! So I am with BT instead. Ho Hum.

Going back to the racing, Lewis Hamilton has been in the news today for losing his licence for speeding. Nearly 200k on a French road. He drives at almost twice that speed on Grand Prix tracks! He probably thought he was going slowly when French plod pulled him over!


Old Knudsen said...

There is a town in America called Dildo, what a bunch of dicks that live there.

ellie said...

I am an F1 junkie as well, I have only managed to get to one race though and that was in Estoril back in the 90's. Griping stuff.
Good luck to Hester in breaking her news x

ellie said...

That typo was deliberate, I'm trying to save the P's as I'm sure my keyboard is running low on them ;) x

cheeky minx said...

Hope you and Hester are very happy together now you've cossed the family hurdle.
Merry Christmas to you both.

Anonymous said...