Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Bitter Sweet Symphony Part 2

Same script as last time. The "bitter" is the murder of Benazir Bhutto. There are others who are better to comment on the situation than me. They are much more informed than I am. I can only say I admired her and am very sad about her demise. I worry about the implications for the whole world that this event poses. Pakistan is a volatile area at the best of times. It has a great significance in current world politics.

I said who represented "sweet" in part one. I want to extole her virtues.
But I have a story to tell instead.
She has been dropping hints for weeks that she wants a copy of Alexander McCall-Smith's latest "Scotland Street" novel.
Last Friday I bought her the last copy left in Kay's bookshop.
I also happened to have a package to deliver to Mr McCall Smith in "Famous Author Land" , and a plot hatched in my mind. I would take the book along and ask him to sign it. Hester is too shy to do such a thing but I am forward enough to do it.
When I got to the door and his wife answered I thought the deal was off. I told her my hopes and she said leave the book and she was sure when her husband returned in a couple of hours he would sign it and I could pick it up later.
As it happened, Hester picked me up from work that day. On our way back home we stopped outside his house and I invited her to come to the door with me. I expected to pick up the book, and we would leave, but things took another twist.
His wife came to the door, and this time asked us into the house. Shortly afterwards Mr McCall -Smith appeared and invited us into his study where he writes his books.
Not only did he discuss his books with Hester but he signed the copy of his latest "Scotland Street" novel I had bought. On top of that he signed and gave to her a number of his other novels.
Neither Hester or I are materialistic. I am sure we will both treasure the experience for a long time to come. For everything else there is crappy Mastercard, as the ad goes.


Hester said...

now what do I have to do again? Press these button thingys.
It was indeed a very good experience, Thank you Martyne for finally getting the hint about the book. A bit slow but once you got it, you executed it well.

cheeky minx said...

Who needs material things when you can do experiences so much better. I'm sure Hester was delighted and you showed you cared.

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