Thursday, 17 January 2008

Damhead Day

Was doing another route last week when I should have been out in Damhead so it is over a fortnight since I have been there. They were starting to forget what I look like. Probably not as bad as it sounds, all things considered.
Sadly my little van, which I showed you pictures of in "Damhead Revisited" recently, is a bit poorly. I was sitting in a que of traffic waiting for a truck to do a maneuver when it was hit from behind by a taxi and was punted into the car in front. Thankfully yours truly was uninjured but SW6, which is her official title (you will see she has that above the windscreen in yellow letters if you look back at the previous post), was damaged at both ends. Consequently we had to hire another van. I have therefore been "White Van (Wo)man" today. I have tried to break every Highway Code rule, which is mandatory for the drivers of these vehicles, but it has been difficult. I am too mature and have too much conscience to get fully into the role. And too little testosterone to carry it off.
Something that came much more easily was thinking about Arlene. I haven't mentioned her before but she is very significant to me. I had some letters for her house and I exchanged a few words with her mother who was in the yard as I drove in.
Although I like to "mother" Robert a bit I do it because he can be a bit socially inept at times, and he is older than me anyway. Arlene is in her mid twenties, and is therefore of an age for me to be motherly to, and she is the only person I have felt about in that particular way. That is why she is special to me.
We also share a love of horses. She has a beautiful piebald called Patch which she does eventing with. She once told me if it was a choice between a boyfriend and Patch, the horse would win out. Equines just get some people that way. Her ultimate goal is to be in the "Horse of the Year" show in London. I would happily go and support her and probably be in floods of tears most of the time.
What a silly old sausage I am.


hester said...

Marteen, you can be a bit sentimental at times but that's what I like about you and as for being a silly old sausage well I love that about you too.

cheeky minx said...

Hope your gurl racer gets mended soon. Can't have you being a white van woman. It would be very unbecoming for you to be sitting in the cab with a large bacon buttie and tomato sauce dribbling down your change, you being a lady and all.

cheeky minx said...

Sorry that should have said chin not change

Marteen said...

Now you have mentioned change cheeky minx, or "the change",however innocent,younger ladies like yourself will all have to experience it.
It can be very life affirming for some but every woman responds to it in a different way. I will be happy to guide you through it when it comes to you.

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