Tuesday, 23 October 2007

So, I can write longer posts if I get up off my arse

Drew a total blank in "Famous Author Land" today. They haven't even started constructing any rides yet. That's builders for you.
I am still going to drop a name, or two, or three, though. Robert is a keen rugby fan. He even bought a South African strip before their match with England last weekend, although he normally supports Scotland. When I told him I had visited the "Hastings Household" he got very excited. I personally prefer Formula One. All these fit, fast young men in overalls. What's not to like! Not sure what that thing they do with cars is all about though.
Getting back to Robert, the "Hastings Household" produced two of Scotlands most famous rugby Internationalists, Gavin and Scott. My brother would also like to point out he went to school with another famous Scottish rugby player, Andy Irvine. He is a bit nerdy that way. I wish he would set up his own blog so I don't have to keep doing his bidding. I do love him really, but don't tell him that, because it would spoil the fun I have winding him up (although we are hoping to have him converted to that new fangled "electricty" stuff soon).
I am a total wreck at the moment but I wanted to communicate with my public because they need me. Shades of Norma Desmond, or what? On top of the unexpected positive "emotional" experiences I have been having recently I am deeply worried about my mothers health. I like to do "light and frothy" with you guys but I have my dark moments, just like any other feeling person. If you like drama, as I do, you know it involves light and shade. That is very much how my life is running at the moment. I find writing very cathartic at times and I guess the tears currently rolling down my cheeks confirm that.

It has been brought to my attention recently that there are people who think my assertions about meeting famous authors are not entirely accurate. I am very hurt. My dressmaking involves me varying between "slight embroidery" and "total fabrication" but my blogging is 100% wholemeal, no added salt, truth.

I will publish my autoghraph from JK Rowling very soon. Then my detracters will be sorry!


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Always good to read your longer, wittier posts. Some parts of this posting were particularly pertinant and very funny. I hope Robert gets more use out of his new rugby shirt!

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