Monday, 29 October 2007

Train of Thought

Hello my dears. Sorry your Auntie Marteen has not been around for you recently. I have been preoccupied with some rather weighty matters, and I also went away for the weekend. I am in dairy mood today, sorry I meant to say diary, I just seem to have milk chocolate on the brain for some reason. But I must make another comment about the "McCann Circus" first. It's easy money, and that Photofit was such a gift. I have seen fellow commentators on their knees, praising their God for such a bounty of riches.
I have a vision of a piece on Crimewatch covering this new development. "Have you seen this well drawn pair of shoes loitering with intent near the McCann's hotel room" or "Do you recognise this very absent face which could have been in the vicinity of the crime scene?
I visited my old colleague Hester at the weekend. A most enjoyable excursion. Many years ago we were both involved in teaching. She still is. Unfortunately the "incident" involving some of the senior girls at my school means I am not. Not only did the School Board sack me, they obtained a restraining order preventing me from going within 50 yards of any of the pupils. I only wanted to give the girls a more "rounded" education. At least, that's what I told the Judge!
Hester now lives in darkest England, but it is only a few hours away by train.
We enjoyed some long conversations, went out for a few light refreshments and she introduced me to her puppies. Very interesting.
I haven't seen her for over a decade so it was great getting back together again. In fact we got on so well she is planning to come up and see me soon. I aim to take her to my beloved Damhead for an afternoon. We could visit the llamas and then possibly drop in on Mr Osama Bin Smith. He is such a charming man and I am sure he would delight in serving us afternoon tea. He has had so many of these AK-47 things delivered now that him and his friends must have at least two each. I wonder what they are going to do with them all? It is a mystery.
This weekend has been fun. I think Hester and I could be spending a lot of time together in future. If you know what I mean. Ooooh!


cheeky minx said...

I have never laughed so much at reading anyones blogs but this posting was hilarious.
I'm sure your friend will be well impressed with Damhead, the llamas and Mr Bin Smith.

cheeky minx said...

isn't it about time you did another post, not like you to leave so long between postings. They always amuse me so I have had to bite my fingernails for amusement this week instead, oh and I also watched some paint dry

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