Tuesday, 18 September 2007

On Yer Bike

Meant to say last week that I have given bicycle riding a go for the first time in years. It has sat out on the landing for longer than I would like to admit but I thought it was time to give it another try. Although my balance problems involve my legs rather than my ears I am still jerky and apprehensive about cycling. As it happened I was able to go up and down my street without too much trouble. I was a bit wobbly ( and I swear I had not touched any sherry that day Diana) but I did it. I am pleased. I was certainly better dressed than the ladies in the picture, although the gentlemen around them don't seem to mind! Talking of ladies and things that can wobble, maybe I wasn't but I was certainly thinking about it. The gorgeous Fern Britton is on the cover of Woman this week. It appears she has been loosing weight. Don't do this girl! I have some girlfriends who are proud to be comfortably upholstered women in an age of stick insects. They look up to you. Please don't let them down. This isn't coming from me. I'm slim. I just want my friends to be happy and not beat themselves up about their bodies. (As a codicil: I always like to give photographers credit but I have no idea who took this one).


Old Knudsen said...

Fern Britton is hot but shes no Gloria Honeyford.

Martyne said...

Gloria is certainly lovely, and I detect the Irish in you coming out. I would have to say though that, for me, she is trumped by Coleen Nolan who appears regularly on my favourite TV show, Loose Women. In a close second place I nominate Tina Kellegher who played Niamh in Ballykissangel.

Laurie Kendrick said...

I've heard of "Black Adder"...but these pics remind of a new show on ITC called "Pink Udder".

Rather nice tits, I guess if you're in to that sort of thing. I'm not sicne I have my own.

My male friend however, took one look Martyne, then got up and fixed himself a chicken breast and a milk shake.

Got it on his brain now!


Diana said...

I'm glad to hear you made another attempt! Great job!

Now on to the pic. . . what happens when they start to sweat???

Martyne said...

Your reply could keep me going in posts for ages. You are such an inspiration. I will pick on one idea though. Why do older men loose interest in girl's tits? Is it A: There is less testosterone coursing through their veins, or is it B; They've grown their own? Answers on a postcard. Closing Date: Yesterday.

Martyne said...

Thanks for your comment. As you know, it was a big moment for me. The question about the cycling girls and the effects of perspiration is a good one. I don't have an answer, but would be happy to be involved with a scientific study of the problem. It would be hell, but I am willing to suffer for the good of science!

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