Saturday, 22 September 2007


A fellow blogger wrote some very complimentary words about me recently. I am deeply touched and have written back to thank her. This incident got me thinking about my whole blog experience. I love language, I'm creative and I like to communicate. All basics I would like to see in any Blogger. And then there is my sense of humour ( or humor, just for you LK). As you can see I can do straight, but humour is always waiting in the wings. I can't help myself. From feedback I have had, it seems my attempts even succeed occasionally. I am totally gobsmacked at the whole global camaraderie of it all. I have "met" people from lots of places I will probably never visit. Awesome. I set out with the simple hope of being noticed. To get praise is cake icing I never expected to receive. I like it, and I want more. To that end, I have started writing my acceptance speech(es) for the "Bloggies". I hope to be nominated in the category of "Best Newcomer". Probably going to have a lot of stiff competition. I live in hope though. I reckon the "Bloggy" for "Best Sherry Fueled Blogger" on the other hand, is mine for the taking. As is traditional, I will be thanking various people who have helped me along the way. There is the afore mentioned blogger who I will thank for her kindly words. I would like to thank my mum. Not for the corny "for having me" reason. It was her that got me involved with computing. It's a long and not very interesting story so I will spare you the details. And lastly I would like to thank my old pal Deacon Barry. It was him that encouraged me to start Blogging, so if you're looking for a scapegoat, he's your man! Take care my dears.


Laurie Kendrick said...

Dear Girl,

You carry on as you see fit. You write what comes naturally and those "who get it" will find you. You're smart and creatively agile and fine.

I am a fan.

You just carry on and I for one, will support you from across the pond. Stay strong, sister...or is that actually a big, burly male logger from British Columbia???

Write on!!

Laurie of the Texas Kendricks

Old Knudsen said...

I voted for you in the best big burly male logger named Martyne award, a lot of stiff competition this year.

Deacon Barry said...

"Oh he's a lumberjack and he's OK..."

Martyne said...

I might have lied about British Columbia!

Glad to see you are still active. If you visit Laurie Kendrick (recommended anyway) you will see I have beaten you to it.

somebody said...