Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Tangled Web Etc.

My exuberance from yesterday has melted. A lot of sad things have happened since then. Obviously it was the 6th anniversary of 9/11. Probably the single most atrocious moment in the history of the human race. Others can comment more eloquently than myself, so I will move on. The "McCann circus" is still in town, and things get even weirder. I feel sorry (a bit) for those who have supported the parents. I think my beloved JK is one of them. Could be why she was less than chirpy yesterday. My advice to anyone is don't jump on a bandwagon unless you are prepared to accept that the risk of being humiliated could be greater than that of you profiting from it. This is not directed at anyone in particular. It is simply a piece of advice from someone who knows. And then there is Ellie Lawrenson. We know for certain that she is dead. A devil dog tore her to pieces. And what became of the woman in charge of them both (that bitch Jacqueline Simpson, and I don't use that word lightly)? The court let her off. WHAT!!!!! So it is OK to smoke lots of joints, get pissed on wine and let a vicious dog loose in the same room as a young girl. It seems culpability and responsibility are old fashioned words. "Sorry the little girl got ripped apart, but I was out of my head at the time." Not Simpson's words, but I could believe the drugged up boozer could say that. So that's OK. Isn't it?


Old Knudsen said...

Poor little Ellie and poor Maddy, it pisses me off when those charged with looking after them are the ones that kill them with their stupidity and neglect.

Martyne said...

You presuppose that Maddy is dead and in my heart I think you are right. We have come so far as a race of beings yet stupidity and neglect, as you mention, plus abuse, are still sadly rife amongst us.

somebody said...