Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Triple Whammy

I was in "Famous Author Land" today at work. It's hard work for the first two hours. A lot of mail to sort. There is a large mental hospital (they haven't managed to catch me yet thankfully) a big school, a university and the SAS. Not, unfortunately the guys that run around in sexy battle dress but the Scottish Ambulance Service. They still wear uniform, so it is not a total disappointment. This must be one of the longest preambles I have ever written. To get down to business, I had items to deliver to my Holy Trinity of famous authors today. Namely Alexander McCall-Smith, Ian Rankin and J K Rowling. Ian Rankin proved elusive as usual. I think he is just too interseting (if a bit lacking in the jolly stakes) and should stay in more. I met Alexander's wife when I walked down their path, so was denied the potential of meeting him. Lovely lady though, and I don't apportion any blame towards her. But the best call was JK. I had a couple of packages for her husband but, unusually, it was her that answered my buzz. And it gets better. She opened the gate and met me at her door. And best of all, she gave me her autograph. OK it was a signature for a Recorded Delivery item but how many people of her fame have signed a bit of paper for you? I have got a copy made of it. Thanks to the guys at Harry Mendelssohn for making that possible. A lovely bunch of people. When I get my head round the technology involved I will post it.