Friday, 15 June 2007

Another day older

Another day, another font. Thought I'd try a new colour as well, just for fun. Not much going on at the moment because I am off on holiday and have had another tumble which has left my side so sore that I do not feel like going out. I am not feeling sorry for myself. Just annoyed. I know I can't change direction quickly but keep forgetting. On a happier note it has given me time reflect on things and I realise I haven't given you any details of my job. For the last year, up until recently, I was delivering mail to a rural area just outside Edinburgh. As close as you get to Postman Pat. Not that I want to be like him. My nose is big, but thankfully not as huge as his. And if my work rate emulated his i.e. three or four customers on a good day, I'd have been out of a job long ago. But for Greendale you can pretty much substitute Damhead. Lots of greenery and hills. I had a little van much like Pats and covered lots of miles in a day. Proper agriculture has all but disappeared around here and most of the fields are either grazing for horses or growing hay for horses. But that's great because I love them. Have tried riding, well pony trekking, but am not comfortable either physically or mentally. I just like being about them. I used to help out at the local Riding for the Disabled stables but I had to stop when I went away on a course (a whole big story for another day) and came back with my legs in their current state. Because I can't run I'm unable to lead a horse which is trotting so have sadly never been back. Maybe one day. The other big excitement out at Damhead is the llamas. Yes you read me right. One of the smallholdings keeps goats as their main stock but they also have four llamas. All the animals are kept for their fleeces. Have you bought from Peruvian Connection? They use Alpacas which are just a smaller animal in the same family as llamas. Their main trading name is Scottish Fibres. If you Google that you should find their site. Not that this is a sales pitch. I just thought you might be interested in what they produce.Once I figure out how to post pix I will let you see what I mean. Courtesy of my pal Annette who took them. Will go now before I use up the world's entire supply of commas and brackets! More "Tales from Damhead" another day.