Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Tennis the Menace

It's Wimlbedon time again. Two weeks while my life is on hold. I'm not one to partake in sport, personally, but I can sit in a comfy armchair with a drink in my hand and watch other people slog it out all day long. How they can hit the ball so hard and yet keep it confined to a small patch of grass, clay, whatever amazes me. And I love the tactics they use. Handy things to have, tactics, if you're an International Woman of Mystery like me. Did I forget to mention that? I see myself as a sort of female Austin Powers but with better sartorial taste (not that that would be difficult). Everyone else sees me as a predictable old bat! Ho hum. I reckon Federer is a rubber stamp job for the men's title. Unless he decides to play dressed as Long John Silver (unlikely, but not outwith the bounds of possibility). The peg leg and the eye patch could hinder him. And the parrot would be distraction too. Can't believe I just wrote that last bit. Must re-check my medication sometime soon. The ladies competition is a bit more open. I want Justine Henin to win. She's been in the final twice but this is the only Grand Slam tournament she hasn't won. Main threat has to be Mauresmo, although there are others waiting in the wings. Should be good. What think you dear blog reader?