Thursday, 14 June 2007

Calm down dear, it's only a Blog

Finally got someone to scrape me off the ceiling after all the excitement yesterday. As you can see I have gone for a new look. The black background was just too much, and it limited the choice of colours for the text. This template's called Harbor. So I guess that will be the sea churning about in the background. Hm! Despite that, it feels relaxing, and I can do with plenty of that in the wake of yesterday. So Simon won The Apprentice. I smell a rat. Kristina was clearly the more competent of the two and was also the bookies favourite. Simon might have an IQ of five million, or whatever, but he was rubbish when it came to actually doing things. Funny how Kristina is a single parent, like Katie. And we know the problems that caused. My conspiracy detector has gone into meltdown!