Friday, 22 June 2007

To Grump, or not to Grump?

Have been feeling a bit depressed these last few days. My Grumpydar has not detected anything worth getting upset about. And then it hit me, "Unseen UK". It was a couple of years ago now, but the wound is as raw as ever. Unseen UK was a photographic competition organised by my esteemed employer, Royal Mail. Them what have forced us to go on strike next Friday because they think we should deliver any number of junk leaflets for free, along with milk, papers and pizzas. Did I mention we will read your meters in the passing. So no chance that Royal Mail bosses are on mind bending drugs then. Clearly they are totally clean. It is simply that their IQ scores have failed to reach double figures. More, oh much more, on the photo competition when the strike thing dies down.