Sunday, 24 June 2007

More Beans

I'll give you some examples of the pictures selected. What would you think was a suitable subject for a book entitled "Unseen" Deacon? Maybe something unusual, like llamas. Wrong. The most popular subject was DOGS! Dogs for god's sake. Which part of unseen didn't they understand. All of it clearly. The judge has some excuse, being as he is, optically challenged. When I say challenged I really mean "tested to the limit". It's strange how when his guide dog picks the pix (see two post ago) the most popular ones are of dogs. I suspect a touch of nepotism. Another popular and equally unfit subject was kids. You can just imagine a postie arriving home and saying to his partner "I've been given this camera to go out and take pictures of interesting and unusual things. So lets sit in the lounge and take photos of our kids". Wrong. No one is interested in photos of your family except you. The crowning glory, though, has to be the fuzzy paperweight. Maybe less mundane but you can't see the bloody thing properly because it's out of focus! The whole thing makes us look like a bunch of idiots who can't even point a simple camera and take decent pictures. These people, including the judge, suffer from delusions of adequacy. For more info watch "You're Pitiful" by Wierd Al Yankovic on YouTube. You'll see James Blunt in a whole new light.


Deacon Barry said...

Oh dear. Dogs, kids and paperweights (oh my). I see what you mean. Maybe if they'd had some pictures of cute kittens...?

Martyne said...

Cute kittens would have been fine although still not within the remit. I have gone off cats recently. Last week I stroked one on a doorstep whilst waiting for the owner to open the door. It promptly turned round, hissed and sank it's teeth into my hand.

somebody said...