Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Starting to Find My Feet

Thought I'd go for white characters this time. Would make a nice contrast with the black (my favourite colour, incidentally) background. Only trouble is the Posting box has a white background. Net result, white characters on a white background, and loads of tears over my invisible text. So this is my next favourite colour. And you can actually read it. Result. Two taxi rides and £12 later mum has all her pills set out for the next week. Would have driven round but my legs have thrown a wobbly (literally) as they do from time to time. The doc says it's stress causing it. I think the excitement of setting this Blog up has gone for them. Anyway in this state I can't control the clutch properly. If you are from the left side of the pond, as you view the map, welcome aboard, and the clutch is that pedal thinggy to the left of the brake in a stickshift motor. Do people do paragraphs any more? Or is it an art that died with the e-mail age? Discuss. If video killed the radio star, did e-mail kill the paragraph. The Buggles have a lot to answer for. Have decided paragraphs suck so they are off the menu. This is only a preamble, believe it or not. Should preamble have a hyphen? I'll let the Spell Checker sort that one out. That's what it's paid for. But I have to go now. Deal or no Deal, a game of chance on the television, gives you the opportunity to win thousands of pounds through a free net entry. All you have to do is be able to read, remember your date of birth (I'm trusting you to keep stum on that one Annette), and know which way up your mouse should be. It's button side up isn't it? Don't laugh. An elderly lady at my local library recently asked me to help her with "these new fangled computer things" When I turned round to assist her she was holding the mouse upside down and operating the rollerball with her finger. Boy was my work cut out. Really must go now. If you visit the DOND, as they call themselves, site too late it sags under the weight of hits and everything takes a lot longer to work. Much more to come.