Saturday, 30 June 2007

Unravelling by the Minute

Oh dear! Things have gone from bad to worse. I spent last night shamelessly flirting with JanieBell on her blog. I really must tone down the sherry consumption. The bottle I mentioned I was going to buy in my last post has all gone now. Might have to break open my special supply which I keep in a pretty little cabinet. Doesn't that come from a Queen song. Yes. Killer Queen. Except she has a bottle of Moet & Chandon. I sometimes make my own wine (it keeps the sherry bills down) which I call Moat and Shandon after two districts which adjoin mine. Get it ? Moet & Chandon/Moat & Shandon. Please yourself. Where was I. If pedantic is one of my middle names the other has to be digression. I had everything under wraps until that Katie came along. Even joked about fancying her. I've got a new mantra which might help. I'll give it a chant now. Brad Pitt-Brad Pitt- Brad Pitt-Bad Pitt. Yes, I think that's helping. Failing that, is there a Lezzers Anonymous?