Thursday, 5 July 2007

Another African Lady

Today was my world famous writer day. To clarify, I was delivering to Merchiston, which has more than it's fair share of renown wordsmiths. The highlight of my delivery was meeting (again) Alexander McCall Smith. Not only is he a Professor at Edinburgh University, kudos in itself, but he is a world renown writer as well. He has written many papers in his field of medical law but is probably best known for his fiction writing. He has writen a few series of books, the most famous of which are "The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency" novels featuring Precious Ramotswe. As an embryo writer myself I look upon the man as a hero. Check out his pedigree at my beloved Wikipedia. You know you've made it if they list you. When I pulled up at their house I met his wife, for the first time, when I got out of my van. She is a very classy lady, just like I used to be, and was happy to give me an autograph (signature) for a Recorded Delivery. After she left I still had to go to the front door to deliver the item to her husband. He is always a very warm person and a joy to meet. When I am a famous writer I would love to emulate his humility. It's my day off tomorrow. Praise de lawd! I'm doing Damhead on Saturday so I hope something happens so I can do my diary.