Saturday, 28 July 2007

Movies I Love

Sitting around on my butt, playing with my compooter, because we are on strike today. I hate this stuff. I'm an old fashioned girl and I believe that certain sectors of society should be run as a service to the community. The mail and health care, amongst others, should fall in to that category, for me. It seems the powers that be have other ideas. Yesterday I was talking to a physio(therapist) who was helping my mum, and her regular carer, and we all had the same concerns. There seems to be no room in Great Britain PLC for people who care any more. It's all down to number crunching and profit. How sad. I'm crying at the thought, but what can you do? Wanted to talk about movies but I had to get that off my chest. Great afternoon ahead. There is K-9 followed by Kindergarten Cop! If you believe I am going to watch that sh*t you should probably be reading another blog. First I am going to watch "The 39 Steps". This is the 1935 version with Robert Donat and is seen by many, including myself, as the quintessential film adaption of the book. And later on we have "84 Charing Cross Road". Anything with Anthony Hopkins in it is going to be good. That is a given. This is a delicious tale of unrequited "love". So sad, but so engaging at the same time. More tears. Guess I am in an "emulsional" mood today.


Deacon Barry said...

I agree about Anthony Hopkins. Class actor. He was outstanding in War and Peace.
Have you seen him in Meet Joe Black?

Martyne said...

Haven't seen Meet Joe Black. But as I said, he is class. Can't see him making a bum movie. I think "Silence of the Lambs" is one of the greatest ever. I have serious hots for Jodie Foster but I really admire her work on that film.

JanieBelle said...

Hope Mum is feeling better.

Anthony is serious class, and I admit that I'd be his for the asking. Connery, too.

Serious yum for the older, classier types.


Martyne said...

Thanks Janie. Mum seems to be improving slowly. Have to agree with you that I go for the older classier male. Seems we go for the same types despite our age difference.Isn't life strange!

Anonymous said...