Saturday, 21 July 2007

I was JK's Postie

So the big day has come. Millions of children world wide are waiting for the arrival of her latest book. And a lot of these are not so young. I have to say that I managed to deliver all the books I was given which gives me great pleasure. We got a thousand copies to deliver this morning in our office. There are about forty of us, so you do the math(s). I may be a wizened old crow but seeing the pleasure my delivering these books to people caused, gave me great pleasure. I will probably never have kids of my own, but they are our future and we should all respect that. I passed by JK's house a couple of times today. I had hoped to drop in for a cup of tea and a girly chat but it seems she was at the Natural History Museum in London at the time. That could explain the lack of response. I have had a few early morning meetings with her (delivering mail), and like anybody else, she scrubs up well given a chance. Not going to get the tallons out for a girl I respect. I did drop a letter in to her mailbox saying that these occasions are stressful to my health, at my age, and I would prefer if she didn't write any more Harry Potter books. I am confident she will respect my wishes.