Sunday, 8 July 2007

From Bad to Badder

With reference to my previous comments about god I thankfully haven't felt the desire to go out and kill people en mass in his/her name like some nutters, but I do have a bone to pick. If you care about me, and I'm told that this is part of your job description, why did I have to leave my flat at 5am this morning to go to work on a SATURDAY, and it was raining, just to make things worse. Personally I wouldn't do that to someone I care about. Maybe your dictionary has a different definition for the word. Damhead sadly failed to provide the excitement I was hoping for. Even though the sun did finally come out the good people of said burgh generally stayed indoors. Part of the duty on a Saturday now involves emptying seventeen pillar (mail) boxes. Two of us do this (each) and I managed to pick up the wrong set of keys when I left the office. Silly me. That meant a round trip of half an hour to correct the problem when I realised what had happened. Roll on Sunday.