Monday, 23 July 2007

Can't Help Myself

Have just about recovered from Pottermania. I was back working in the same area today and bagged another famous name, almost. Clang! What was that? It must have been me dropping another name. This time it's Ian Rankin. Him of Inspector Rebus fame, OBE etc . I enjoyed that so much I am going to do it again. Ian Rankin. I feel quite light headed despite having only just started to hit the sherry. Unfortunately said author was not in. How do these people manage to get any writing done when they are hardly ever at home? I have tomorrow off so this girl is going out to do some shopping. I so need a new pair of shoes for my work. The ones my employer provide are rubbish so I prefer to spend my own money so I get something that is comfortable and stylish. On Wednesday I am out at Damhead so I am really wishing there will be some drama which I can report to you. Here's hoping.