Sunday, 15 July 2007

Challenge and be Damned

Been a bit quiet of late, but JanieBelle's recently recived meme has spurred me into action. The rules are I have to go to page 123 of the book closest to hand. I have cheated a bit here because the closest publication at the time I received this meme is actually a magazine. The deal is though, I go to the fifth sentence, and then post the four following ones. And all you have to do is work out which publication I am working from. Here goes. "5.45 Men of Stone 5/5 Island Life Now Julian Richards explores the future for Portland stone, suggesting workers will have to go underground, to find supplies, and questioning what can be done with a worked out quarry. OK, there weren't four sentences in there, but I reckon there is more than enough information for you to guess what I was quoting from.