Monday, 9 July 2007

Damhead 2

No, this is not the title of a dreadful movie which doesn't live up to the original. There are so many of those, although my male friends tell me that Terminator 2 surpasses it's predecessor. Certainly Bridget Jones didn't. I forgot to mention that when I deliver to Damhead on a Saturday I will also be there on the following Monday as well. Sadly the good people of Damhead were mainly out at work today so despite the better weather I saw few of them. I am really trying to create an atmophere of intrigue and suspence but it is just not happening. I am sure there is an underbelly of filth and depravity, if only I could tap into it. Sadly I won't be in Famous Author Land this week because we will be on strike again on Friday. On the up side, and I always look for this despite the adversity I have suffered in the last few years, I will have four days off at the weekend. Friday (on strike) Saturday (day off) Sunday (day off) Monday (on strike and day off). Might just have enough time to put together a quality blog entry instead of this knocked together rubbish. Must go and check my sherry stocks will last 'till Tuesday.